The garden is one of the most important elements of a home because it can give a welcoming look and feel, as well as, help to create a wonderful sanctuary at home.

When creativity and originality go hand in hand with functional designs, the garden can become an oasis of relaxation and a place where all the members of a family can come to spend quality time together and to recharge their batteries after a hard day of work.

Below are 5 simple designs for a little bit of inspiration. For more comprehensive design ideas check out the 7250 ideas featured in Ideas4Landscaping.

The Chess Board Garden

This idea requires a flat surface in the shape of a square, featuring concrete borders all around.

These borders can be painted in red or in another bright color, in order to create a cool contrast with the other elements of the landscape.

The black and white squares of the chess board are surfaces can be covered in black and white pebbles or cobble. The chess pieces will be represented by pots with plants of different shapes and heights, placed on some of these squares.

For maximum of effect, the pots can be buried into the ground, so that they are less visible. Cactus plants are ideal for this type of setting, as they require very little watering.

Alternatively, if you can find some life size Chess pieces, they can add stunning sculptural elements to your garden.

Alternatively, if you find some life size Chess pieces, they can add stunning sculptural elements to your garden.

The Polka Dot Garden

The surface of this garden setting has to be carefully levelled, and all weeds removed. The polka dots will be represented by circular patches of grass scattered all over the surface and surrounded by wood pellets. Some of the lawn patches can be set around trees or shrubs. A concrete or cobblestone pathway can mark the edges of the polka dot garden.

The Japanese Garden

This is one of the most popular garden design ideas and one of my favourites.

Japanese Garden Designs require carefully selected mix of deciduous and evergreen plants, and a small pond or a garden fountain feature. Shrubs with vividly colored berries are ideal for this style. Darwin’s Barberry, for instance, with its bright orange flowers and its dark green, shiny leaves, can make a very nice addition.

The Autumn Magic Black Chokeberry is another example of shrub that adds a touch of color, thanks to its white flowers in spring, berries and brilliant foliage color in fall.

To me, the Japanese Garden is a perfect place to appreciate the stillness.

The Maze Garden

Hedge and Maze gardens are one of the oldest ideas and evolved from the know gardens of Rennaisance Europe and were first constructed during the mid-16th century.

Walking through a maze garden is a gift in of itself, as you can gently unwind while walking through the maze.

Maze Gardens do require a lot of space and time. Depending on the plant type selected it can take 7+ years for the plants to grow to maturity.

The maze garden doesn’t need to be fully mature to start enjoying it and you can create special spaces to sit and enjoy within the maze itself.

The maze Garden doesn’t need to be fully mature to start enjoying it and you can create special places to sit and enjoy within the maze itself.

The Silent Retreat

The sound of running water can instantly transform a garden and the creation of a silent retreat can be enhanced by the addition of a fountain or water feature.

There is a certain lushness that running water brings to a space as well as a creating a haven for local birdlife and animals.

The addition of cobblestone pathways that lead the way to wooden benches or to an elegant gazebo featuring sheer curtains and comfortable furniture pieces completes the space. The sound of the falling water covers background noises, thus creating the perfect retreat for meditation or rest.

All these ideas can be adjusted to suit the characteristics and the shape of the yard. The choice of plants needs to take into consideration the amount of maintenance work required, as well as the climate of the geographic area. With passion and careful planning, everybody can enjoy a beautiful garden in their very own yard.

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