If you have only a small garden and are restricted for room the Aerogarden Harvest may be the perfect answer to having fresh food at your finger tips.

Aerogarden Harvest Hydroponic Review

The Aerogarden is the perfect solution for the cold winter weather, allowing you to have continuous access to herbs and vegetables.

What is an Aerogarden

The AeroGarden is a specially designed hydroponic indoor garden that lets you grow a variety of plants from seed using only water and nutrients.

When you order the kit, it comes complete with seeds for common kitchen herbs, but you can also purchase your own favorites.

The device is compact size and lets you grow your bountiful harvest right on your kitchen counter.

What is the AeroGarden Harvest?

The Harvest by AeroGarden is a simple device that lets anyone, even novice gardeners, hydroponically grow plants quickly indoors within a remarkably small space. Best of all, the plants are grown in the hydroponic device grow five times faster than those grown in soil.

The Aerogarden Harvest system measures 11 inches by 7.5 inches and will let you grow up to six plants that stand 12 inches tall.

You don’t even have to worry about having a sunlight-filled window. The Harvest comes complete with a built-in full spectrum 20W LED light system that is equipped with a timer.

The timer can be set to provide up to 17 hours of bright light each day.

The hydroponic system comes equipped with an integrated water pump that keeps the water continuously aerated so your plants will thrive.

Nutrient solutions are added to the water to meet your plant’s unique needs.

It is easy to check the water level by using the LCD display on the unit which lets you know when to add water or if the system is running low.

AeroGarden Seed Pods

The Harvest by AeroGarden uses handy seed pods that you place in designated slots that are positioned directly above the reservoir base.

They offer a wide array of seed types to pick between. Many beginning hydroponic gardeners opt to grow standard kitchen herbs first, but you can branch out and try different plants to enjoy.

Currently, AeroGarden sells over 70 seed pod varieties that are labelled with categories like herbs, vegetables, flowers, and salad.

When you first buy the device, it comes with herb seedpods.

If you ever purchase a seedpod from AeroGarden that fails to grow then simply contact the company and they will send you a new seed pod. The company always stands behind the germination capabilities of its seeds.

Fresh Home Grown Herbs with Aerogarden

How to Use the Harvest by AeroGarden

Using the Harvest by AeroGarden is really easy, begin by placing the seed pods in their place and then add water to the device’s reservoir, mix in the required amount of growing nutrients to provide everything your plants need to thrive.

You can then affix the base of the LCD control panel so you can see to set the timer for the lights. Remember, the LCD display panel also lets you know when to add water or nutrients so you’ll want to make sure that you can clearly see the display.

The entire process of setting up the AeroGarden takes only minutes and is remarkably easy.

Pros and Cons of the AeroGarden

As with any product there are always pros and cons.

Below we will outline what we believe are the pros and cons of the Harvest by AeroGarden.


  • Results are quick with rapid plant growth
  • Easy to set up
  • Holds six plants
  • LCD is easy to read and operate
  • Provides reminders for watering and nutrients
  • Automatic lights
  • Seed germination is 100 percent guaranteed
  • Small size so you can grow plants in any room of your home without forfeiting space
  • Minimal maintenance


  • Can only grow plants that attain a height of six inches or less because the lights do not adjust to a higher height setting.

More Information about the Harvest by Aerogarden

Hydroponic gardening is a great alternative and option for any gardener and you can learn more in our full article on what is hydroponic gardening.

In summary, hydroponic gardening is mess-free and you never have to worry about messy dirt. Instead, the plants grow entirely in water and in the Aerogarden system you simply fill the reservoir with water and any required nutrients. The plant’s roots grow suspended in the water.

Many home gardeners in areas with inclement weather opt to grow petunias or other delicate plants indoors in the spring using the Harvest by AeroGarden. Once the plants attain the desired height and all danger of frost is gone then they transplant the flowers outdoors in the garden.

LED Light System

The LEDs provide sufficient light to meet your plant’s growth needs and they even produce a little heat.

The 20-watt LEDs that come with the AeroGarden have red, white, and blue cluster bulbs. The colors all service a different purpose.

  • Red lights create ample blooms and an abundant harvest.
  • White lights help the plants grow rapidly.
  • Blue lights encourage your plants to grow robust and strong.

The AeroGarden Harvest LED’s draw extraordinarily little electricity so you don’t have to worry about any spike in your home’s energy bill.

The light’s energy consumption is comparable to running a standard small appliance in your home.

Rapid Growth

Hydroponic gardening encourages rapid and healthy plant growth. You can regularly snip fresh herbs for your recipes without worrying about the plants not recovering and producing more growth.

Typically, seeds will start to germinate in the Harvest one week after planting. Within a couple more weeks, you’ll be enjoying fresh herbs for your cuisine.

Grow Your Own Seeds

Yes, you can purchase AeroGarden ’s seedpods, but some gardeners have seed companies they like using or maybe you want to try your green thumb growing unique plants.

AeroGarden also offers a Grow Anything kit that lets you fill their empty seed pods with your own seeds. You can also modify the pods using your one sponges to create seedpods from scratch. The processes are all remarkably easy and rewarding.

Stellar Warranty

The AeroGarden Harvest comes with a one-year warranty. If anything should malfunction or stop working, then all you have to do is contact the company’s customer support and they will promptly send you either replacement parts or a new unit as long as it has been one year or less since you purchased the device. Always keep your receipt!

As mentioned, AeroGarden also guarantees that their seedpods will germinate, or they will send you replacements.

AeroGarden Harvest Review – Conclusion

The Harvest by AeroGarden makes an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one.

You can quickly start enjoying fresh herbs and vegetables any time of the year.

It’s easy and fun for individuals of all ages and a great way to get your family involved.

The Aerogarden comes with easy-to-follow instructions so you can quickly set it up and enjoy – Bon Appetit!

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