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Hello and Welcome to Handy Garden Wizard.

About Handy Garden Wizard

My name is Alice Rodgers and while I am not really a Wizard in the garden, I do love everything that a garden brings to my life.

As a busy, full-time working parent, having quality fresh food on hand is important to me and my family.

On the flip side time is precious and between being Mum’s Tax Service and full-time work the garden needs to hit the criteria of easy to care for, plants and vegetables that are easy to grow and things we eat often. While I would love to do more, and depending on the season sometimes we do, I have found in general keeping it simple means that I don’t get overwhelmed and manage to keep up while still enjoying the garden.

It is amazing how simply picking something from the garden for dinner after a hectic day at work can calm my mind and make me feel more centered.

My favourite things to grow in the garden are: –

  • Herbs – so much flavour and so much cheaper than store bought;
  • Baby Spinach – easy to grow and good for you and we use it a lot! Smoothies, Omelettes, Salads and stirred through roast veggies – this is a staple in our garden;
  • Strawberries – our go to fruit for summer (although after a couple of years the blueberries are just starting to show some promise);
  • Lemons – I use at least 1 lemon a day and my mornings always starts with a glass of water that has a fresh squeeze of lemon added.

Having these staples in the garden means that there is always something fresh and homegrown to add to a meal. I have found that the simple act of having a vegetable garden had made me more conscious and connected to the environment.

As a family we now recycle more and the addition of the Subpod Worm Farms for our composting has resulted in significant reduction in our waster AND much better results in our garden.

I haven’t always been a gardener but looking back my parents planted the seed a long time ago. My parents have always been ahead of the pack leading by example with solar heating, rainwater harvesting and making the most of what we had. Starting a garden can be the centrepiece of reconnecting and exploring the many ways we can contribute.

Even writing this makes me excited and inspired to do more, spend more time in the garden and grow more of EVERYTHING – it really is a beautiful cycle. No matter how large or small your garden, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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